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Cat Behaviorist Reveals How to Stop your Cat Spray Issue PERMANENTLY!
Dear Friend, 

Nothing is worse than a home that smells of cat urine. 

Your time is spent cleaning the mess caused by your cat's spraying. It soon becomes an expensive problem as damaged items need to be replaced. Life becomes stressful as you spend countless hours searching for the right solution. 
Many cat owners lose hope as each spraying incident occurs. Others become distraught that if the spraying continues they will need to give up their beloved cat. 

Others yell and shout at their cat in an effort to get them to stop spraying. This tactic actually results in more spraying as the cat becomes anxious and stressed. 

I have something very important to share with you today... 
...there is a very simple solution to stop your cat's 
inappropriate peeing and spraying
What very few cat owners know and what you're about to find out right now... Is that getting your cat to stop spraying only works if you do ONE thing. And here's the most amazing part, it ends up NOT being that hard to do once you understand what it is ....

The scientific research I'll share below proves that you only need to follow this specific method for less than ten minutes a day to get your cat to stop spraying.

This means that your cat will ONLY use the litter box, your cat will be loving and enjoyable to be around, you'll reduce your stress level, and your cat will be able to roam your home freely...

..And you'll NEVER have to clean another cat 
urine mess again! The cost of cleaning supplies or 
replacing damaged items will never tap your budget again...

Unfortunately, you won't find this enjoyable system for stopping cat spray anywhere else. Despite the scientific proof and my over 7 years of documented success, most veterinarians and cat experts give you advice that is counterproductive to stopping cat spray.

My name is Heather Owen and I successfully found the one thing that stops cat spray. It was the only thing that got my cat, Toby, to actually use his litter box. It all started about eight years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.... 
Heather Owens, Cat Spray Expert
"That's it! He did it again", yelled my normally even-tempered husband. I ran to basement and gasped when I saw the destruction Toby had left behind.  Toby had soaked several walls and our carpet with urine!

I came to the sobering conclusion that tonight was going to be a long night. I knew I was heading for another stressful discussion about how my husband felt that Toby should no longer be a part of our family. I wondered, how did I ever let it get this bad? 

I'd spent the last fifteen years helping animals as an animal cruelty investigator. As part of my job, I had learned a lot about animals. But nothing prepared me to deal with a cat who refused to use the litter box. Toby was only a kitten when I adopted him from a rescue. 

When Toby started to spray I took him to our vet. He did a full work-up but could not find anything wrong. The next thing I did was look on the web for how to get a cat to use their litter box. I bought a couple of programs and deterrent sprays, but all they did was leave my wallet lighter.

I was growing more desperate with each day. It got so bad that we had to have the carpets cleaned in our basement. When that did nothing to stop the smell, we called a industrial cleaning company. They informed us that the Toby's urine had soaked through the padding and had permeated the concrete. We were looking at replacing the entire carpeting in our basement. They also would need to do a deep cleaning to seal the smells coming from the concrete. We were given an estimate of over a thousand dollars to do the repair work and replace the carpet. Around that time, Toby had started to spray in other areas of our home as well. We were looking at the potential for multiple significant costly repairs to our home. 

Finally, I just broke down and called my friend Dawn for a girl's lunch. My goal was to get Dawn to adopt Toby. I am so ashamed that it got to that point. 

Little did I know that this lunch would change everything. One thing you need to know about Dawn is that she is a world-renowned child development expert who specializes in potty training. You will see why this is important in a minute. She runs a successful preschool and has taught thousands of children how to become potty trained. I told her Toby was having a cat spray issue and asked if she would could adopt Toby. 

She told me no immediately. Dawn told me that she knew I loved Toby and that I would be heartbroken if I gave him away. She then proceeded to give me some advice that would become the foundation for how I stopped Toby from spraying ever again

Look, the thing is the traditional method of stopping cat spray is to increase the number of litter boxes, pray the cat gets the message, and invest in a truckload of cleaning supplies. Here's why that doesn't work -  you have no control over when and where your cat will spray. It's just a wait & see approach. What you need is a proven program that teaches you how to proactively stop cat spray. 

I know you're probably thinking that this will never work with your situation. I want you to know that not only has this worked for me, but here is the story of Donna. Donna changed how she approached stopping cat spray and got life changing results 
"I Stopped Cat Spray in 3 Days" 

My cat Libby has always been a handful. I rescued her from a local cat shelter when she was three 

months old. She started to spray and I became very frustrated. I took her to the doctor and they recommended that I spay her. That still didn't stop the spraying. It wasn't until I used Heather's system that I started to understand how to teach Libby how not to spray. I stopped Libby's cat spray issue in 3 days.   
Donna P. Greenwood, IN 
So, do you want to finally stop your cat's urination problem once and for all?
I'd like to teach you several secrets I've learned while trying to get Toby to stop spraying. Sound good? 
Secret #1: Why your cat spray issue is not your fault and 
why cat spray is actually beneficial. 
Most vets don't know how to stop cat spray.
Now let me tell you a story. When I first started on my journey to get Toby to use the litter box, I thought my vet would fix it. I thought I would simply go to him and he would wave a magic wand and fix things. Unfortunately, I soon learned that was not the case and that it was up to me to make this happen. 

You see vets are under a tremendous amount of pressure to see as many animal patients as possible. The majority of vets are generalist

not specialists. They have not had proper training on understanding the underlying causes of why cats spray.  My vet gave me a few suggestions which I immediately tried. I was completely frustrated when they did not work. Please realize it's not your fault that your cat won't use the litter box. If even a vet doesn't understand cat spray, there is almost zero chance that a person without the right training could figure this out. 

It wasn't until that fateful meeting with my friend that I began to see things differently. She said Toby was trying to "talk" to me when he was spraying. Dawn added "when it comes to using the potty in the right place, it's the same deal with cats and human children." She had seen countless toddlers have accidents after they were fully potty trained. She taught parents that the accidents were a form of communication and you had to understand the underlying cause and fix it. Armed with this new information, I began to see that Toby was trying to tell me something whenever he refused to use the litter box. 

The more I thought about it, Toby's spraying was actually beneficial. Toby still was trying to communicate and get me to understand. What if, he had given up and had become depressed? At least I had a way to help Toby get back to his happy self. Without the cat spray, I would have never known. 

Research shows that highly intelligent cats spray the most. These cats are amazing and are often the most misunderstood.  Cats that try to communicate when something is wrong should be celebrated not vilified. It breaks my heart the number of cats who are re-homed or euthanized, when all these cats were trying to do was communicate their wants, needs, and desires. 

What if more cat parents had access to an approach that would allow them to help their cat in their time of need? I decided I had to do something, so I created a program that would allow you to completely understand the root cause of cat spraying so that you can address it. The wonderful thing is it didn't just work for me, it works for all kinds of people, just check out what some of my students are saying below....

"My cat is healthy - emotionally and physically" 

It has been such an amazing ride with Oscar. I was shocked to learn that what a cat is feeling has such an impact on their desire to spray. It was until I started to use the techniques in Cat Spray Control that things got better. Oscar is such a vibrant and happy cat now. My cat is healthy - emotionally and physically.  
Scott D. Santa Monica, CA 

"Our whole family is happy" 

I'm a busy mom of three children - two just happen to be cats. Once the spraying got out of hand, I was so stressed. Heather helped me calm down, and access the situation. I wasn't thinking about things clearly and I wasn't putting my cats' needs first. The program helped me take the right action at the right time. Our whole family is happy. 
Tina R. Providence, RI 
So now I've shown you how your cat spraying is not your fault and it's actually beneficial that your cat sprays because they are trying to communicate with you. Can you see how this changes everything? 
Secret #2: The number one reason why traditional methods to stop cat spray delay success and the number 
one key to stopping cat spray FOREVER.  
This cat is spraying because he is trying to communicate.
The shift from thinking Toby was being bad when he sprayed urine to understanding that Toby was trying to communicate with me, completely changed our relationship. 

Instead of trying to punish the behavior, I became proactive in trying to stop the behavior before it occurred. I used to make certain areas of the house off limits for Toby. I used to scold Toby after he had sprayed. I tried everything, but nothing worked until I started to look at cat spray as form of communication.  

But how do you know what they are trying to communicate? It's not like your cat can use their words to provide clarity.

Well, there is a ton of research on cat communication that researchers have conducted at some of the world's leading universities. The problem is that this research is not being shared with cat parents who are struggling. This information has the power to change millions of cat's lives, but sadly that just isn't happening. 

As I started to compile the blueprint for understanding cat communication, something just clicked. I noted that once you identify what your cat is trying to tell you, you need to ensure that the behavior stops for good. To do this you need to first make sure your cat feels secure and safe within your home. Finally, we constantly give praise and rewards for good cat behavior.  I call this process the Cat Spray Control Method. 

Cats need a positive reward system to ensure they stop spraying. This approach is the only way to get your cat to use the litter box for good. Other methods never address the heart of the problem and only work on the problem after the cat has sprayed. If you never get your cat to a state of happiness, nothing will change for good. The Cat Spray Control Method ensures that you find what motivates your cat to never spray again. 

You're probably thinking that using this method is hard, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The Cat Spray Control Method is easy to use and is intuitive. If you can follow directions and have a desire to help your cat, you can do it.  Just listen to what some of my students have to say about the method: 

"It was easier than I thought it would be" 

I honestly was skeptical at first. But, it was easier than I thought it would be. I was worried that the system would be too complicated to learn. I'm happy to report that Heather provided step by step instructions that were easy to get. 
Lisa V. Niles, MI 

"The Cat Spray Control method works!" 

Love it! The Cat Spray Control Method works. It's a simple common-sense approach that I can easily use whenever a problem comes up. Since using this method, Sammy has not sprayed any more. I can truly say that this is the only thing that worked for me. 
Martha G.  Las Vegas, NV 
You're probably thinking learning the Cat Spray Control Method will take forever. If you give me two hours of your time, I will teach you how to implement the method with your cat. You can then use the method immediately to get ahold of the cat spray issue your cat is having. It works, but don't just take my word for it...

"Didn't take long to learn the process"

I run a cat rescue. Many of the cats who come to us have spraying issues. I decided to give the Cat Spray Control Method a try because it made a lot of sense to me. It didn't take long to learn the process. What makes me the happiest is that I am able to teach the techniques to people who come in and adopt a cat. We've now made it mandatory for new adoptees to go through the process.   Stef C. San Antonio, TX  
So now I've shown you that the Cat Spray Control Method is the number one way to stop cat spray permanently and that using the normal approaches to stopping cat spray will delay success. Can you see yourself learning the Cat Spray Control Method? 
Secret #3: How to get your cat to stop spraying in 
just 10 minutes a day which will make your 
cat the happiest cat on the block. 
Rewarding your cat is the key to their long-term happiness.
When I first started using the Cat Spray Control Method with Toby, I went through a lot of trial and error. Because I did so much work, it is now down to a science. To start the  program, you must first identify what is stressing your cat. 

There are many things that can contribute to your cat's stress. You just have to first identify what your cat is stressed about. 

My research has shown me that it can only be four things: an illness, an issue with a human, an issue with another animal, or an environmental stressor

Next, you will need to remove the thing angering your cat or help your cat learn new coping strategies. Finally, you will reward your cat by developing a reward program for good behavior. Each cat it is unique, so you'll want to make sure you understand the specific things that make YOUR cat happy. 

This whole process doesn't take a lot of time, if you know EXACTLY what you need to do. In fact, I would say the entire process should easily fit into your everyday life.  You will spend 10 minutes a day trying to understand your cat's unique situation. It's time well spent for a happy cat. 

"I love that I know my cat" 

I'm shocked at how simple but effective this is. I love that I know my cat. We have been cat spray free for the last month, so I feel like I can finally relax. I've been waiting on pins and needles wondering if one day things will change. I'm happy to report that everything is great. I feel like this is finally fixed and I can just enjoy my cat. 
Emma M.  Columbus, OH 

"You are the real deal" 

I saw your ads on Facebook and I was thinking is this a scam. I thought well I'll just give it a try, because I really have nothing to lose. Heather.. you are the real deal. I was always blaming Joy. Now I feel foolish because the problem was with how I was handling the situation. 
Jean D.  Lake City, CO  

My cat stopped spraying and I won the bet! 

I wondered if I was really up to the challenge of learning this system. I'm a busy professional, so I don't have time for nonsense. My husband thought I was crazy for trying this, but boy did I show him. I made him take the photo with our cat because he lost the bet. My cat stopped spraying and I won the bet! You are the best. 
Trish D. Newton, MA  
So now you see that you can get your cat to stop spraying in just ten minutes a day using the Cat Spray Control method. Would you like to be our next case study? 

Let me ask you a question...

Are you excited about what we just talked about? 

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed because we've covered so much? 

I covered a lot and I have a special offer for those who would like some additional help. I created a special package for those who are ready to move forward and want to implement the Cat Spray Control Method to stop their cat spray issue. 
Is it okay if I tell you about a very special offer I created to help you implement the Cat Spray Control Method? 
I'm currently offering membership to my Cat Spray Control Program. This online course will teach you how to implement the Cat Spray Control method.
In the course, we will work on fixing your cat spray issue by focusing on the following tasks: 

1) I'll teach you how to decode what your cat is trying to tell you 
2) I'll help you develop a plan of action 
3) I'll show you the common pitfalls to avoid which delay success 
4) I'll show you how to develop a reward program for your cat that will have long-term success 
5) I'll provide you with a plan for how to monitor your cat throughout the process
6) I'll teach you how to get all of your family and friends on board so they don't mess things up 

Now let me show some people who've had a chance to go through the Cat Spray Control Course:

"Cat Spray Control is a life saver" 

I thought my cat was spraying because he was getting older. Turns he was upset about a feral cat that would come and visit my home. I never would have figured it out without the help of the Cat Spray Control program. Cat Spray Control is a life saver. 
Mark B.  Port Gibson, MS  

"Wish I would have done it sooner" 

Really insightful program. I learned so much and things are much better now. I'm still working through some of the program but so far so good. I just wish I would have done it sooner. 
Amy P.  Silver Lake, IN  

"Helping my cats get along" 

I have five cats that were going through major conflicts. I had a hard time even understanding who was doing the spraying. Thankfully, the program helped me with that. I've been able to understand why the dynamic between the cats is so toxic. It's been really eye opening. This program is helping my cats get along which makes me so happy.   Shelia W. Rochester, NY  
So, I want to make sure you realize who this course is for. It's for cat parents who are dealing with cat spray issues with an older cat, younger cats, multiple cats, a previous shelter or rescue cat, a cat dealing with illness, cats that have/have not been spayed or neutered, or cats who have experienced abuse in the past. The list goes on and on. I tried to make this program as inclusive as possible. Basically, it helps any cat parent who wants the best solution for their cat. 

You might be thinking you can't get started with this program because you are too busy and don't have time to learn this. Here's why this is a mistake that will hold you back from success.. I've created this program to be mastered in just 10 minutes a day for one week. That's less than two hours of your time, for being cat spray free for good. Doesn't that sound doable? 

When you sign up, you're going to get instant access to my Cat Spray Control Course, a total value of $97. 
Bonus #1
As part of this package, you're going to get the Cat Behavior Tracker: 
Total Value $47
It's a tool that will help you track what your cat's behavior is trying to communicate
When you have this tracker...
  •  You will be able to record all of your cat's communication patterns 
  • You will be able to use this information to determine what next steps to take 
  •  You will be able to see patterns of communication that develop 
  •  You will be able to have access to information about your cat in a moment's notice 
  •  Everyone will know you are a proactive cat parent who cares about helping your cat stop spraying
When I was first figuring this stuff out, I ran into many setbacks. One being that I had notes all over the place. I would end up losing vital pieces of information. Because I missed patterns, it took longer for me to make the important discovery to help Toby. Way back then I had to spend hours and hours trying to figure out an efficient way to handle this problem. But I don't want you to have to recreate the wheel. I've already got proven results by using the Cat Behavior Tracker to figure out why Toby was spraying. And I'm just going to give it to you with this package. Sound good? 

When you use this tool, not only do you save time and money that you would have spent creating this, but you also save what could be weeks or months of wasted time and money because you'll be doing it right the first time. There's no trial and error period. 
Bonus #2
When you invest today, you're also going to get access to The Cat Cooking Handbook.
Retail Value $27
 One of the things I found was that diet plays an important role in your cat's physical and emotional well-being. This cook book will help you ensure that your cat's diet is keeping them happy and healthy. I had to try various diets with Toby to help keep his tummy healthy. I spent money trying recipes that did not work and that upset his tummy. I spent countless hours in the kitchen trying to find a food plan for Toby that supported his health and well-being. But you won't have to go through all of this because I am giving you The Cat Cooking Handbook as a special bonus. 

This bonus is going to make it easier and faster for you to stop the cat spray issue, because a well-fed cat is a happy cat. We all know that happy cats don't spray. Food is a major reward for cats and finding the best food to feed your cat will go a long way to making them happy. 
Why It's Just $10 
I considered accepting a publishing deal for this information. However, that would mean I would have to pass along the cost of printing books, shipping, warehousing, expensive marketing, and all the other headaches that come with a deal like that.

Which is why I decided to bring The Cat Spray Control Method to you directly - no middle man and no extra cost. So I can pass the savings on to you...

However, I can’t afford to keep it at this low introductory price for long, yet I want this to be a no-brainer decision today for cat parents who wants to easily, quickly and permanently get their cat to use the litter box. 

So, make sure you take advantage of what I think is a very fair offer I’m making you today for a system that will completely change the way you stop your cat's spraying issue... Fair enough?
LISTEN: You Don't have to Decide Today 

If for ANY reason the Cat Spray Control Method doesn't live up to your 

expectations, it's as simple as sending an email to [email protected] within 60 days and I'll give you a full refund. No hassles and no-questions asked. FAIR?  So you can wait until AFTER you start seeing the results for yourself and still get your money back. If you're not 100% happy even after you take action and get results, just let me know and you'll get a refund the very same day...with a smile. :) 
How many times has your cat not used the litter box in the last six weeks? 

Unless you have experienced a spray-free home that you are happy with in the past 6 weeks... Then the next 6 weeks are not going to be any better for you unless you act now.

Getting your cat to use the litter box starts with a simple decision to take action. And unless you do that today, you will have the same cat spray issue in six weeks from now as you do right this minute.

I’ve been there too. I have delayed taking action on a goal only to look back with regret at all the time I wasted. And I don’t want that for you.

So, I want to make sure you understand...

You can keep doing what you’re doing right now. However, if you’re not happy with your cat's behavior... then you’re not going to be any happier next week, a month from now, or next year...

You will still be cleaning up the constant mess. You will still be wondering if your house smells like cat urine. Your energy will be lower because you have been dealing with this stressful situation. And you will wonder why the heck you wasted another precious year.

And that’s if you are lucky... If you don’t act now there’s also the risk that your cat might cause very costly damage to your house. I don't want you to be like me, when I had to pay over a thousand dollars to re-carpet and repair my basement. 

I know all that may sound harsh. But I believe in YOU and I know that’s not what you want for yourself. So, it’s time to make the only smart decision you can today, and get started on stopping cat spray for good. 
When you make this wise decision...... 
  •  Your cat will ONLY use the litter box
  •  Your cat will return to the happy cat that he used to be 
  • You'll never spend another dime replacing your damaged items
  • You'll save money on purchasing cleaning supplies 
  • You'll reduce stress and actually enjoy being in your home 
  • You'll be able to let your cat roam the home 
  •  You'll gain an understanding on what makes your cat tick 
  •  You'll build a life-long bond with your cat

P.S.- Remember you can take action today with zero risk. You’ve got an entire 60 days to try out the program on me. And if you decide you aren’t totally blown away any time before that just send me an email and you’ll get a friendly refund the very same day! :-)

P.P.S.- I have made the price of Cat Spray Control very low. I've done this to help as many people as possible stop their cat's inappropriate peeing and spraying. Here's the thing...I can't guarantee that I will keep the price this low on a permanent basis. So if you come back tomorrow, the price may be a higher price. I am only reserving a limited number of copies at today's discounted price. And my team will update this page with the regular price once we hit that number. So make sure you reserve your spot today. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Is this program right for my cat? 
This program is made for any cat who is not using their litter box. The program corrects this problem by using the latest cat behavior modification techniques. We have worked with thousands of cats. We gladly offer a refund if you are not completely satisfied. 

Question #2: Am I qualified to help my cat? 
Absolutely. It's been scientifically proven that a cat's parent has the greatest impact on if the cat will make improvement. With Cat Spray Control, we give you all the tools you need to ensure your cat uses the litter box. 

Question #3: What are the time requirements for the program? 
I recommend that you commit to spending ten minutes per day for two weeks when implementing the program with your cat. Give me this time and your cat will start using their litter box. 

Question #4: Can I still work with my vet? 
Yes! Our program often works hand in hand with other therapies. The skills that you will learn with the program will help improve your cat's overall well-being. Any good vet will encourage you to seek out any program that will help your cat. The end goal for everyone working with your cat should be to make sure they are happy. 

Question #5: What do the lessons look like? 
First, I will teach you why your cat is not using the litter box. Second, we will correct what is causing your cat to spray. Finally, we will develop a plan to keep your home free of cat spray PERMANENTLY.

We're waiting for you to be our next success story!
If you have any questions about the program or need help
 with your purchase, please call us at 1(888)-812-3878

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